What is Blockchain, and What Can It Do for Me?

The hype and promise of Blockchain is enticing. It promises to allow peer-to-peer exchange of value between parties that might not trust each other, thereby eliminating transaction fees and middle-men. How does it all work? Sign up for this workshop!

(IIT Students only at this time. Please contact Dan Waterloo (dan@blockchainola.com) about scheduling a presentation at your location).

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Workshop Content:

What is Blockchain?
Can it really disrupt the business models of today’s companies?
Technical overview: understanding the elements of Blockchain
- Cryptography (simplified)
- Transactions
- Blocks
- Chains
- Consensus
History and future developments
- Payments (i.e. Bitcoin)
- Record of transactions
Automated business logic (smart contracts)
Overview of solutions available: open source, commercial platforms, “startups” solutions
How Blockchain differs from traditional transaction ledgers, i.e. databases
How to identify opportunities for a blockchain solution
Typical use cases

TUESDAY March 26 2019
Blockchain Workshop
Illinois Institute of Technology
Tech South, Room 4000
10 W 35th St
Chicago, IL 60616
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


IIT Adjunct Professor Dan Waterloo

Workshop developed and presented by Professor Dan Waterloo, who has been studying the use of blockchains and its unique value in today’s businesses. He coordinates Blockchain/Crypto Monthly meetings for FinTank, a Chicago based financial technology incubator, is overseeing three graduate special projects on Blockchain, and teaches Entrepreneurship in Industry (INTM 477).